21 Dec

During the spring season, there are high chances that your pets will be at risk due to the high rate of infestation from ticks and fleas which reproduce at a high rate during the season. The humid conditions, as well as the high temperatures, provide the optimal conditions for reproduction of fleas, and the best way to fight the fleas is to understand their life cycle first. You might be fighting a losing battle when you aren't aware of what you are fighting when buying the Pet-lock flea and tick medicine.

The growth of fleas, just like the case of many other insects will start as an egg which later hatch larvae. When the larvae are well fed, it pupates and forms a cocoon, and finally, an adult flea emerges. Whenever you are treating your dogs from flea infestation, ensure that you have strategies in place to help eliminate fleas from all stages of the flea life cycle. When you want to eliminate fleas, start by treating areas where they would have laid eggs such as your home's carpet or the dog's beddings. The pupae can also be contained when you get rid of the eggs as they will remain dormant until the time they detect a host. Adult fleas are very troublesome as they will jump on your dog and suck blood to breed. An adult flea can lay even 5000 eggs in their lifetime which means that whatever fleas that you can detect are just 5% of flea infestation. Know more about dog fleas prevention!

When you aim at eliminating fleas from your home, you will need flea and tick medicine such as Pet-Lock.  It is essential to determine if the medicine at pet-lock.com can help eliminate all the fleas irrespective of their stage in the life-cycle. You won't be using the flea medicine to treat your dog, but you will also have to treat the yards and your carpets. To avoid the damage that fleas bring to your family, also treat any furniture which the pet comes into contact with.

The area where your dog resides, the dog bed and also the dog's toys are other features which you need to treat while getting rid of fleas. Since you will be treating a bigger part of your home, ensure that the flea medication that you select isn't harmful to your family. The best defense is offense, and thus the best way to protect your pet and your family is by ensuring that you treat your pet every month even when the infestation does not seem serious. Get more facts about flea treatment at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sarah-hodgson/ticks-fleas-mosquitoes-oh_b_5371044.html.

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