21 Dec

Fleas are small insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals and birds. They are brown in color and flat in shape. This adaptation helps the parasite to hide and maneuver in the fur or feathers of its host. The small insects are mistaken to have wings; they do not. The tiny parasites jump around and have an adapted mouth that could pierce the skin and suck blood. The life cycle of fleas starts at the egg. When it hatches, it becomes a larva, then transforms to a pupa then the adult flea. When they first emerge, neither male nor female fleas are capable of reproduction since they are not well developed at this stage. Astonishingly, their first meal of blood starts the process of creating the reproductive capabilities of the small insects. The small insects have been known to carry a plague that could affect the human race. In ancient times, the Japanese used the insects as plague carrier to their enemies in China.

There are natural ways of keeping this pest away from our houses and pets. First, keep your home clean and dust free with a vacuum cleaner. Keep the dust compartment closed for a significant amount of time then empty the contents. For dog owners, you will need to wash the dog's beddings with warm soapy water to kill all the eggs to avoid reproduction of the insects. The dog should be washed not less than once a week with little shampoo. For people who do not have small children in their houses, one could place fresh or dried leaves of pennyroyal plant. The leaves will send the fleas away naturally but keep in mind this leaves could be toxic to your baby. A solution of 60ml of lavender oil with 2.8 liters of rock salt could be placed where dogs like to play or rest. The same solution can be used to wash the dog to kill fleas. Know more about Pet-Lock here!

There are commercial products at www.pet-lock.com/products that can be used to kill fleas. This is necessary when you have a severe case of flea infestation. Some will have the power to repel fleas for a period of up to 4 months. Mostly they include an ingredient that is called imidacloprid along with other chemicals. This component is flea poison and will kill all fleas in a few days after application.

The compound will not affect the dog's bloodstream for it will not penetrate the skin. The primary source of fleas in your house will be a pet, a cat, dog or parrot. Inspecting the pets from time to time will help you identify the flea or other parasite infestation early. With early detection, you could use one of the natural ways to kill the insects. Read more facts about flea treatment, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat_flea.

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